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My passion is helping people get to a better place in their lives.  I provide the space and different modalities to support individuals to find their way to health, whatever that may look like for them.  

I'm a licensed clinical social worker and have been practicing psychotherapy since graduating from Boston College in 2000.  One of the primary ways that I work with clients in psychotherapy is Internal Family Systems (IFS).  IFS involves working with our "parts."  Those younger aspects that we all have that hold our trauma, big and small.  When we access these parts and help them get to a better place, it can significantly transform our lives.  Clients usually find that they are triggered much less often and find greater peace in their lives.


Over the past 5 years I have been integrating and offering other healing services to help clients.  I find energy healing and homeopathy can help clients in very complimentary ways.  And the insight that Akashic Record Readings offers, can help bring peace. By learning more about your path and all of the support that is on the other side, for all of us. 

I trained in homeopathy at Baylight Homeopathy in Portland, ME with Nancy Frederick, Jane Frederick and Sarah Kotzur; graduating in 2016.  I offer homeopathic remedies to any clients who are interested in this powerful form of treatment, whether it is for emotional or physical problems.

Akashic Record Readings have been of interest for many years, and I finally advanced my knowledge, studying with Patty Collinsworth, learning the Pathway Prayer Process developed by Dr. Linda Howe.  I use this within psychotherapy for clients that are interested, but also offer sessions for just AR readings or as part of energy healing.

For many years I felt called to learn about energy healing, but wasn't  sure where to turn.  I began my journey with Regina Strongheart at Forest Circles.  From there I began working with Marsha Stultz at Evolve, Inc., taking her class, Heart Lotus Evolution.  This journey was and is transformational for me and my practice.  This journey has included working with spirit and connecting with angels, guides, and loved ones on the other side.  For clients who are interested in connecting with spirit, this can also be part of any session.

I welcome you to my integrated practice for whatever you feel will help you most.  And I welcome calls or emails with questions.

With Love and Blessings,


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