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Energy Healing

When providing energy healing for clients, I include whatever is needed, based on what clients are telling me, what I'm feeling would be most helpful and what I'm guided to do.  Sessions always include clearing of energy systems, including the chakras and aura and more.  I remove any cords that may be energetically connected to others, clear any "parts" or younger aspects that need clearing, work with the divine feminine and masculine, balance out the system and place my hands where I am guided by spirit.  Sessions include messages from spirit and this can include messages from angels and/or guides and from loved ones who have crossed over.  You never know who might show up!

I trained with Marsha Stultz at Evolve, Inc., learning Heart Lotus Evolution.  It is a powerful method of energy healing, helping both mind, body and spirit.

Seven chakras. Silhouette of a woman aga
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