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Therapy appointments are open to adults 18 and older.  Psychotherapy sessions include traditional talk therapy as well as Internal Family Systems therapy.  IFS works with individuals "parts" or inner kids (sometimes adults) that hold our trauma, both big and small.  As clients access these parts and help them unburden and heal from their trauma; clients report feeling better, less triggered, lighter and happier.  It is a powerful way to heal from past wounds.

In my practice I work with clients dealing with many issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, parenting, relationships, self esteem, family problems, work, life direction and more.

I welcome all who are interested in improving their life with self exploration and curiosity.  With a willingness to look at what can be scary, shameful, embarrassing or difficult.  When we dare to bring light to the darkness, all can be healed.  It can be a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding journey!

I accept most major insurance, including Anthem, BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim, United Healthcare, Martin's Point, and Community Health Options.

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